What To Expect

We help clients on projects from simple countertop replacement all the way up to complete kitchen and bathroom renovation. These projects include all aspects of the job from design, budget preparation, permitting, scheduling, subcontractor selection and oversight, and installation by our team.

So, what to expect depends in part on what you are hoping to accomplish in your home. No matter the project we promise a friendly and dedicated expert who is 100% focused on a finished product beyond your expectations!

What can the entire process look like?

Step 1Contact one of our highly qualified design experts at 410-742-2336

Step 2Collaborate on the project until the design scope and budget meet your expectations. This includes:

  • Initial consultation
  • Computer design
  • Budget preparation
  • Finalizing scope of work and budget

Step 3 – Meet with operations team.

  • Assign field supervisor
  • Set schedule and scope
  • Order all materials

Step 4 – Get your project done!

  • Our plan is to keep your project schedule as short as possible; this is why we work so hard to coordinate all aspects of the job and communicate with all vendors, suppliers, traders, and staff.
Step 5 – Enjoy your new space

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Budget Guidelines

Asking how much a kitchen remodel will cost is like asking how much a car costs. The answer is: It depends! It depends on many things such as the size of the kitchen, components like cabinet selections, countertop, and much more. We do kitchens that range anywhere from $3,000 all the way up to $80,000.
What we have found is that the sooner we can target the budget for a job the more time we can spend making sure that you get the best value for your hard-earned dollars. Here are some tools and examples of jobs that will help you put some boundaries on your budget.

What To Expect